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October 2011

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He runs.

Title: He runs.
Pairing: Taemin/Minho
Rating: G
Summary: He rips the letter and pretends he's the hero in that children's tale, throwing small pieces on the street and hoping he'll someday find his way back home.

Opening line.

I need an opening line that will go riiight above this sentence, which is a sentence with absolutely no meaning at all and it only serves as a justification for the thing this letter lacks. Just like your two-word answers to my questions right before you fell asleep on my shoulder during the drive home.

That was totally uncalled for, I apologize. Just skip this paragraph and let’s start over.

Dearest Minho,

How are you doing? How are the hyungs doing. It would be a lie to say I do not miss all of you. Are the rehearsals tough? Of course they are. When people leave things behind, they are under the impression that everything changes without them, but that’s a downright lie. Everything’s the same, I could bet my life.

Tell Jonghyun-hyung to take it easy, okay? I read about that famous singer in a newspaper one day (I was passing by a store and managed to steal a glance) who ruined his voice – too much strain, they said.
He sings no more.

Perhaps you should support Onew, too. He puts on a happy face and stands his ground, but I’m certain his feet are shaking. No man can pretend for too long, don’t let him break and if he does, be his glue. Be sure to fill the cracks of his heart. That one’s tricky.

I’m sure Kibum hyung is okay, he finds joy in the simplest of things and patches himself up. I don’t think he falls under your responsibility, he has Jonghyun to support, and that is his strength.
That was a weird thing to say, but oh, well.

You should tell the company to remove the missing-celebrity posters from the streets, I hate seeing my face everywhere all over again, plus it’s plain silly, come on, missing celebrity?? I’m 18 now, I can run away all I want.

They’re not gonna find me anyway, I wear my hair long now and I dyed it black. I’m worrying about people recognizing my shoes though, you know, the ones with the wings. I couldn’t part from them, I love them too much.

Oh I love you too much too, but my shoes love me back you see.

I didn’t want this letter to be bitter. Out here the sea is wild and beautiful, I dance on rooftops and I dance in the empty streets at night, balancing on railings and climbing on fences. Out here the wind is cold and refreshing.

I had this dream that I was a fetus the night before, trying to be born. I broke one amniotic sac after another, and yet I couldn’t, there was no way to get out. I woke up panicked, sweat on my forehead. I stretched my fingers and thought about Kibum. The sea was roaring ahead, the moon was almost full. I was cold and hungry, but at least, I was born and free.

I had thought about getting fatter to prevent people from recognizing me, but I don’t think I managed to gain not even one pound in a week of endless eating, so I thought I should save money for my iPod’s batteries and stop messing around.

I hope this letter wasn’t an annoyance. I’m positive your eyes are heavy and your muscles are sore. Be certain that if I could tear my shoulder off and leave it behind, I would gift it to you to use as your pillow. Sometimes I dream I ask you to run away with me and you do, some nights you don’t hush me and tell me to get some rest, in some dreams you say ‘okay, but let’s dance to this song first’ and it’s a tango, like the one we danced for that show, remember?

Dearest Minho,

I’m okay.

This is the shortest love letter I’ve ever written.



Ah but Taemin, are you happy? Is there something else behind those flippant words?

Ah, what I'd do to know how Minho really feels...

Anyways, this is utterly beautiful. Such selfishness. A lot of authors refuse to protest that in their writing, especially with Taemin (at least in this way).

Thank you for writing and sharing!
Of course there is, I don't think he's happy. It's just that he has reached a point where getting away means more to him than anything else. I think he'll go back home...:)
Thank you for reading, you are so sweet. yeah, the selfishness, I wanted it to come out like this. I'm glad it shows!
oh the ending ;___;
Thank you very much for the review, I'm glad you liked the ending, sometimes I think my stories don't have enough description of feelings, but I've come to terms with my inability to express them :P
Thank you very much!
"I was cold and hungry, but at least, I was born and free."

Holy shit. I read it last night -why do you always upload late at night when I'm not lucid enough to comment- and it just left me searching for my heart and my jaw on my bedroom floor. This is heartbreaking and I love it- i love the imagery, the monologue, the twist, the idea itself, I love your writing and I always have.

This is gorgeous and you're awesome, and now I'll read it again.
I upload late at night because I write late at night, and this is full of mistakes, I know, I know, but I wrote it in an hour after a really long day, forgive me, I burden lj with late-night thoughts!

As always, your words make me happeh (so you go write soon!!) that one line is the only thing I like from this silly fic, it reminds me the joys of walking in empty streets at night. For some reason.
I make no sense!
Thank you, honeypie :)
Wow. This is beautiful.
And I just happened to be listening to piano music.


This is just so heartbreaking, yet, beautiful. The way he's so free, letting go, yet regretting and kind of bitter, missing Minho. And Jonghyun. BWAAAAAAHHH.
Oh god.
*starts bawling her eyes out*
YOU?IT'S...YOU?I adore you, girl.really.Wow,it IS you.
I love your fics. I do. Oh, I'm so excited <3

Don't curse me, I meant no harm!!